Bent u schilder, hovenier, glazenwasser of heeft u een bouwbedrijf??
Hoe geeft u uw team de juiste werkinstructies mee?

Gebruik de eenvoudige Communicatie-software en houd online contact met uw medewerkers

Do you also sometimes find it difficult to discuss over the phone, how the work should be carried out? At the end of the day, do you get all the information about the work done?

With AuthoTrace you stay in Control with your clients and employees on location

add customers to your projects

Add customers to link to your projects. Allow customers to view the projects themselves


Your employee, reads the assignment, takes pictures and adds text as project information. 

Creating PROJECTS for your employees and customers

Create projects, give clear assignments to your employees, add documents.


Send PDF reports or allow customers to access the system themselves to download them.

What is your benefit of AuthoTrace's online software.

  • Entering production data is a thing of the past with AuthoTrace's online software.
  • As a project manager, you create clear job descriptions and you can add additional working documents.
  • Your employee on site, reads the brief and takes a picture of the existing situation. At the end of the day, he describes his work performed and takes a second photo of the new situation.
  • You as the project manager have a good overview of the assignments, executed on site.
  • You can create reports in pdf and excel for yourself as well as for your clients.
  • Do you have a good relationship with your client? If so, you can even give him access to your system so he can see the reports himself.
  • You can even grant access to your client's project manager so that he can enter jobs directly